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N. Shirlene Pearson, PhD

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Curriculum Vita

Pearson Statistical Consulting and Expert Witness Testimony provides litigation support and expert witness testimony in a variety of areas including employment discrimination, insurance fraud, inventory disputes between companies, contract disputes between companies, medical malpractice suites having areas of contention amenable to statistical testing and interpretation, sampling plans and extrapolation for damage calculations in insurance or other fraud audits, and criminal probability modeling focusing on geographic prevalence rates comparisons.


General statistics consulting in numerous business areas with particular emphasis on predictive analytics.


Statistics Specialty Areas include, but are not limited to


  • generalized estimating equations, hierarchical linear modeling, and multiple regression analysis to assess factors of importance in characterizing/predicting a variable of interest

  • developing statistical sampling plans and extrapolating results to the sampled population

  • verifying, characterizing and analyzing large databases

  • analyzing biostatistical data

  • predictive analytics with experience using numerous approaches tailored to the particular application

  • statistical and probability modeling and estimation

  • statistical analysis of employment data in employment discrimination cases

  • statistical analysis of data and practices pertaining to Medicaid Fraud

  • statistical analysis of data and practices pertaining to Medicare Fraud


Ph.D. Statistics Southern Methodist University Dallas, Texas
M.S. Statistics Southern Methodist University Dallas, Texas
M.A. Mathematics The University of Texas at Austin Austin, Texas
B.A. Mathematics The University of Texas at Austin Austin, Texas



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